We are a team with different cultural backgrounds and a common passion for foreign languages.


Romanian. I have been translating since 2006.  I have a B.A. in Foreign Languages (English and Portuguese) issued by the Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Bucharest. In my last year, I studied at the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon and between 2010 and 2011 I took an English course at Harrow College, in London. My interest in Anthropology has lead me to do a Master’s in Ethnology, Cultural Anthropology and Folklore at the Faculty of Letters, University of Bucharest. I have a Cambridge certificate of Proficiency in English and a CELPE-BRAS (Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners) – Superior Advanced Level.  I am also a sworn translator by the Ministry of Justice of Romania. I love the flexibility that my profession gives me, so, to always keep things interesting, I gladly take on interpreting or foreign language teaching jobs.

Brazilian. I have a B.A. in Social Communication issued by the faculty of Arts and Communication, Federal University of Pernambuco. I also studied Social Sciences (Sociology, Anthropology and Political Sciences) at the Faculty of Philosophy and Human Sciences at the same university. Since moving to Romania in 2013, I have started translating and working as a teacher of Portuguese. I am a certified translator by the Ministry of Culture of Romania for Romanian and Portuguese, with a specialization in Juridical Sciences. I am interested in everything related to the Romanian cultural space, which is why I have also collaborated with film festivals and have translated Romanian contemporary literature.


Intrigued by what others think of Romania, we created a cultural blog, where we translate different articles from Romanian into Portuguese. If you want to get to know Romania beyond the stereotypes, be sure to drop by and you might be surprised.